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Fresh out of renovation and new ownership! We renovated the Snowed Inn in February of this year, and are looking forward to showing our guests all that we have to offer. Along with many amenities, our rooms are clean and offer a piece of the great outdoors! 

We have a lot of customers that stay here because it is centrally located for college tours in Vermont. If you are in need of a place to stay while you and your family tour colleges in the area, the Snowed Inn has availability and would love to book your stay! 

Snowed Inn offers the perfect stay for business travelers as well. Book your stay in the mountains at our relaxing and clean destination. Our high-speed internet makes it easy to get your work done, no matter what line of business you are in. After a long day of work, take advantage of the many restaurants in the area, and enjoy a delicious meal! 

We also make it easy to book multiple rooms, making Snowed Inn a fantastic location for a family reunion or wedding. Whatever the reason is for your stay, we have the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors. Book your stay with us today!

The Cabin room at the Snowed Inn resembles just that, a cabin in the woods.
Heath Forest
The Heath Forest room offers natural lighting and a fresh smell from the naturally wooded walls.
Balsam Fir
Double Queen
The Balsam Fir room at the Snowed Inn is complete with two beds, a table to sit at, and other cozy amenities.
The Sapling room at the Snowed Inn provides our guests with the necessary amenities for a relaxing stay.
White Pines
Double Queen
The White Pines room at the Snowed Inn offers plenty of space and a welcoming atmosphere.
Norway Spruce
Double Queen
The Norway Spruce room is bright and welcoming offering two beds, natural lighting, and that fresh wooded smell we all love.
Grossular Garnet
The Grossular Garnet room at The Snowed Inn offers flannel print, plants, and a fresh smell of wood from the naturally wooded walls.
We brought the outdoors inside with this beautiful, spacious and bright room.
Sweet Birch
King||King w/ Fireplace
The Sweet Birch room at the The Snowed Inn is fit for two but offers a queen bed and a fireplace.
Shagbark Hickory
The Shagbark Hickory room at the The Snowed Inn is extremely cozy with a warm atmosphere, and natural lighting.
King||King w/ Fireplace||King w/ Jacuzzi
The Sage room truly does resemble sage, with warm sage colors and naturally wooded walls.
Double Queen||Double Queen w/ Fireplace
The room is best suited for four people and offers a fireplace. Sip your morning coffee by the fire, and enjoy your stay.
Alpine Meadow
Double Queen
The Alpine Meadow room at the Snowed Inn is bright and welcoming, with pops of color throughout!
Queen||Queen w/ Fireplace
The Ottaquechee room at the Snowed Inn is bright and welcoming, with pops of color throughout!
Barre Granite
King||King w/ Jacuzzi
The Barre Granite room at the snowed Inn offers the perfect balance between natural wood and granite colors.
King||King w/ Fireplace
The Rockingham room is a bit different from our other rooms, with a queen-size bed and two cozy chairs for lounging!
Bigtooth Aspen
King||King w/ Fireplace||King w/ Jacuzzi||Master Suites
The Bigtooth Aspen room is truly one of a kind! With a full kitchen, lounge area, and a king-size bed, it has everything you need for your stay.
The Chalet
Queen||Queen w/ Fireplace||Master Suites
The Chalet room at the Snowed Inn is ready for your whole family!