Snowed Inn History

A history of the Inn, by Jeanne Karlhuber, innkeeper
We all have defining moments in our lives, and our purchase of the Snowed Inn in February 1984 certainly marked a turning point for the Karlhuber family. We had been contemplating a move to the Killington area for quite a while, and when it actually happened we just knew we were on the right track. Although we did not have a perfectly clear vision of what this property would ultimately become, we knew that there was significant potential if we were willing to work hard and make sacrifices when necessary. Well, we were willing to do that, and the small, nondescript four room guest house of 1960s vintage grew, evolved, and blossomed into one of the most popular inn inns in Killington.

Not only did the building itself change over the ensuing 25 years. Our children, Tom and Kerstin, grew up in these marvelous Vermont surroundings. When you are raised in a busy inn environment, you learn some important lessons about kindness, respect and responsibility, and certainly how to take a reservation! Along the way they of course learned to ski and acquired excellent local and then undergraduate and graduate educations. Tom, an architect, married his high school sweetheart Cate. Kerstin, a filmmaker, married a Scottish lad named Stephane, and now the next generation is represented by our four-year-old grandson, Calvin. The kids have also each given back in very special ways: Tom designed the transformation of the front facade of the building, and Kerstin is the creator of both our facebook page and our website video.