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Wild Kingdom

Categories: Discover Vermont

Innkeeping is quite a gratifying occupation, yet also often all-consuming, and the concept of “getting away” is just as important to us as it is to those who make their getaway to the Snowed Inn. So Manfred and I headed out for most of the month of May to Florida for a real sun fix. Much of our time was spent sitting on the lanai watching the world go by. Since our lanai looks out into a full blown cypress preserve, the “world” consisted of lots of tropical vegetation and quite a parade of wildlife. Raccoons and cardinals and even hawks carrying prey in their talons overhead didn’t seem all that foreign to us, but when the armadillo, the giant snake turtle, the pink spoon-billed something or other, and ultimately the full grown panther crossed our back yard, we knew we were NOT in Vermont anymore!  Sunblock, sand from the beach in our shoes and “ lovebugs” all over our car completed the break from the mountain frame of mind, and we relaxed without a thought of reservations, marketing or heating oil bills.

When we got back we knew there were piles of office work and building maintenance and remodeling projects to be tackled, but our outlook is fresh, and we are once again ready to welcome guests to our “summerized” Snowed Inn! Oh, and we are happy to once again spy the more familiar creatures, like deer and weasels and porcupines and moose.