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Why We Love Where We Live

Categories: Discover Vermont

In the first week of our return to Killington following our spring vacation I realized a few of the activities we have already enjoyed offer a perfect microcosm of the wide variety of things to do in the summer here in our wonderful region and state. I am an ardent tennis player, and I was thrilled not only to get back to my beloved group of tennis buddies, but also to be able to play in the glorious outdoors again with sun, warmth, blue skies and gentle breezes, a dream come true. Manfred is a biker, both on the road and on the mountain, and he is on the road again with his cycling club, pedaling like a champ. We both love to hike and we hiked on Killington Mountain from the bottom of Superstar to the top of Bear Mountain-such fun! We have been gardening like fiends, completely inspired by the jawdropping green lushness everywhere you look. We still have lots of outdoor activities to enjoy such as disc golf, kayaking, swimming, fishing, etc, and although we are not golfers ourselves, lunch outside at either of Killington’s two golf courses is a great way to savor the outdoors on a summer day in Killington!

But our activities also expand to the cultural side of things as well. The opening performance of “Red” starring Tim Daly at the Dorset Playhouse was such a treat, and my friend and I once again have a subscription to the summer season of the Weston Playhouse. Both theaters offer magnificent performances of both musicals and dramas, featuring amazing cast members, many of whom have escaped the heat of New York city for the joys of Vermont. Concerts abound in the region and right here in Killington we will soon be enjoying the Saturday afternoon “Cooler in the Mountains” concert series.

Last week I attended a fascinating presentation by Ben Kilham at VINS (Vermont Institute of Natural Science) in Quechee. He is a renowned expert on the behavior of the black bear, having spent the past 30 years observing hundreds of adult bears and cubs in their natural habitats. VINS, which is primarily a sanctuary and rehabilitation facility for wounded raptors of all kinds, is a must visit destination for wildlife buffs. Oh, and did I mention that a black bear was spotted here behind the inn this morning? Don’t worry, she moved along, not looking for any trouble.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Killington is unparalleled for its skiing and winter fun, but that is the tip of the iceberg. Summer is (also) the time to come for a great getaway!