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Tour Guide... Part Two

Categories: Discover Vermont

Okay, so I admit it: it takes visitors to get me to act like a tourist in my own backyard. First it was my college reunion friends. Then last week came the big challenge-our 5 year old grandson Calvin’s first “no parents along” visit with Nini and Pop. Not only did we face keeping a very energetic little boy occupied, but we had to keep him so busy and happy that he forgot to get homesick. Well, mission accomplished! Okay, so not all of the activities are applicable to potential inn guests, like building Lego space stations and finding Waldo in his various jaunts around the world, but much of what we did was a cram course in great adventures in Killington.

Not only is Kent Pond a great place to kayak-it is also a fun place to fish. Manfred and Calvin caught five fish (and threw them back). Okay, so you probably won’t bring home dinner, but it is a lot of fun and offers a good opportunity to commune with nature in its full beauty. By the way, during fall foliage tree ringed Kent Pond offers one of the most stunning views of color, all reflected in the water for a double dose of eye popping magnificence.

Next on the agenda-a fun gondola ride to Killington Peak. Actually it is actually a little hike to the very top, and from there you can see forever. We ate our picnic lunch on the rock tableau and then hiked some more on top and took a good look at the ongoing construction of the new Peak Lodge (very cool). Then onto the wooden cross walk (also very cool), and then all the way down to the base. Brooks, wildflowers, trees to hide behind and jump out from to scare Nini-it was all there.

With lots of energy to spare, we headed to the Spa at the Woods for a great swim and hot tub in their beautiful facility. Finished off the day watching “The Muppets in Outer Space” (I slept through part of it) and a Berenstain Bears book.

The next day started bright and early (“WHO WANTS TO PLAY LEGOS?”). Manfred and Calvin went to the inn to work breakfast, and then headed to Super Star for a hike-straight up the mountain in a vain attempt to tire the little guy out. That afternoon on our way to bring Calvin home to Boston we stopped at the Vermont Institute of Science in Quechee. What a treasure right in our own backyard. Definitely a family “must do” activity. This facility takes in wounded raptors-most have been hit by cars, nurses them back to health and releases those who are still able to survive in the wild. Those not able to make a complete recovery live at this beautiful location for life. Their living spaces are beautiful and the institute does a fabulous job of educating young and old about these amazing birds. Owls, eagles, falcons,etc fascinated all three of us.

All in all, we had a great time, and afterward, boy did we sleep well for a couple of nights!

The new lodge at the top of Killington Peak, under construction and slated to open December 2013.