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The Lifecycle of an Inn and of Those Who Visit

Categories: Life in an Inn

What goes around…..

Our son, Tom, who is well into his 30s, had a best friend in pre-school and elementary school named Bryon. They enjoyed all those activities that little boys love, with Lego and Star Wars ranking high on their list of favorites. When Tom was 10 years old we moved far away to Killington Vermont, and Bryon became a favorite memory of the past. About 10 years later in the summer, Tom and his then girlfriend, now wife, Cate, walked into First Stop Ski and Bike Shop here in Killington, and he stopped in his tracks when someone said, “Tommy?.” Sure enough, there stood Bryon and his then girlfriend, now wife, Jen. It turns out, Bryon had been living and working in Killington for a while, with no knowledge that Tom had actually moved to Killington those years before.

Twenty eight years ago, when we embarked on our innkeeping adventure, we welcomed a couple of guests to the inn, Doug and Steve, buddies from Virginia, and we quickly developed a rapport. They have continued to be our valued guests and our friends all these years, and we have followed our respective families’ life journeys with all the accompanying twists and turns.

Fast forward to this week….. Bryon and his wife Jen, who live in New Jersey and now have six children of their own, (Tom and Cate have two) seized a rare opportunity to get away as a couple back to Killington and the Snowed Inn. Doug similarly saw a chance to escape from work for a few days to the comfort and familiarity of Killington and the Snowed Inn. These people, representing several generations, who hold such a special place in our hearts, hit it off instantly and spent much of the gloriously sunny day together yesterday on the snow-covered slopes of Killington Mountain. The apres-ski “party” back at the inn was a beautiful gathering of all of us, reminiscing, catching up on the status of parents, children and grandchildren, and generally embracing each others’ company. And yes, Legos were a prime topic of discussion! I felt the warmth of fellowship of such outstanding people, and gratitude for the joy in the circle of life.