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Keeping Up with The Calendar and the Seasons

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Okay, time is really slipping away now. The headline in today’s local paper states “Snow mixes with mountain foliage.” And I have been intending (and procrastinating) to put my thoughts to paper regarding fall “extremes” in Killington and the surrounding region. Time to do it!

Manfred has long been a “serious” athlete, having been a successful soccer player and ski racer in his youth, later a soccer and ski racing coach and tennis instructor, and more recently in addition to his continued passion for skiing, a dedicated cyclist. But the recent trend toward extreme sports is to some degree a different creature and the Killington region lends itself perfectly to the genre. A few weeks ago Killington hosted for the second year the Spartan Race, a grueling test of physical ability and endurance not suited for the faint of heart (or body). Several thousand athletes and their entourages descended upon Killington, among them our son-in-law Stephane and his friend Des.

Des and Stephane after tackling The Spartan Beast Race.

Seeing this event up close and personal through their blood, sweat and tears put a whole new spin on this type of challenge, with its miles of uphill trekking, often carrying heavy sacks of sand, rope climbing, mudslithering, pond swimming and much more. As a spectator watching the final sprint, or crawl, through a wall of burning logs, I was amazed at the spirit of these men and women and their perseverance   and dedication. The consensus was strong-as in skiing, Killington presents the ultimate mountain for fun and physical activity whatever the season.

And even more recently our long time guests and friends, Doug and Steve, and their younger colleague Jessica along with their family and friends arrived for their annual participation in the Ascutney  50 Mile  Run.

Jessica, Doug and Steve run 50-miles in the VT50.

Now Doug and Steve first came to our inn almost 30 years ago, so no offense guys, but let’s just say they are “mature” athletes. My hat goes off to them, however, as they completed the race and could still walk the next day! Young Jessica actually looked downright perky after the finish line. For both of these events the bonus was enjoying the good company of both family and friends. The big challenge now for me is to continue to convince Manfred that he has enough physical activity in his repertoire already (and has had enough orthopedic repair) without giving in to the temptation of new extremes!