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It's Been How Many Years

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When I turned thirty I remember feeling such wonderment that I had actually been alive for that many years and that it had all seemed to go by so quickly. Little did I know at the time that the roller coaster ride was just beginning, and that the speed of the journey would only accelerate.  Not too long after that milestone Manfred and I made the decision to purchase a property in Vermont and move our family to the mountains of Killington. In 1984 we purchased the little four room guest house with upstairs living quarters built in the 60’s, the dawn of the Killington Resort era, and embarked with complete optimism and an astonishing lack of fear, on the challenge of a new home state, new careers, new mortgage, and new lives for ourselves and our young children. Tom was ten years old and Kerstin three. This month, February 2014, marks the 30th anniversary of that life changing event, and oh so many clichés come to mind:

“How did the time fly by so quickly?” “How did our kids get so grown up?” (You can do the math on that one.) “I can’t believe we actually did It!” I’m trying to ignore the classic, “How did we get so old?”, mostly because denial can sometimes be a good thing, but also because we both feel great.

So here we are, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Snowed Inn for the Karlhuber family. We intend to make it an ongoing celebratory process throughout most of 2014, so stay tuned. In this little blog realm I am already combing my memory bank for (hopefully) interesting memories and anecdotes worth sharing. I’m sure some nostalgic photos will be unearthed, and we welcome long time as well as recent guests to contribute favorite memories.