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Happy Holidays to All!

Categories: Discover Killington

The calendar shows winter officially starting tomorrow. For us winter officially began weeks ago when Manfred put up the inn’s white lights. And his hard work paid off, as we were the winners of the  Killington Festival of Lights! Check out our front page coverage in The Mountain Times. For even more holiday season fun, we created a cheerfully decorated tree, entitled “Lemon Meringue”, for the Killington Holiday Festival. We personally declared it one of our best trees to date, and the bright yellow and white motif was a highlight in the mix of nearly one hundred beautifully decorated trees.

Manfred, Jim and I are happy to be back in the winter saddle, and Killington has done a terrific job of snowmaking as usual. We are enjoying welcoming back many of our winter regulars as well as many new faces. And our family is now on its third generation of Killington skiers, as our 5-year-old grandson Calvin is now anxious to hit the slopes again this weekend. Grandson number two, little Wesley, won’t be far behind in his introduction to such a great sport. It has certainly given us much treasured family fun.

As we enter the holiday season, please accept our family’s best wishes to you and your loved ones. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this winter and beyond!