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Forever 29...

Categories: Life in an Inn

As I sit in our office and watch the snow fall on this early February day I find myself  lapsing into a spirit of reminiscing. This February marks the completion of our 29th year here at the Snowed Inn, and thus the start of our 30th year of innkeeping. Yikes! I’m almost surprised that I can remember back to our so very humble beginnings, and I am sure that I have forgotten more than I remember, but I am certainly reminded how much things have changed over the years. I know-I promise not to glorify the “good old days,” but I can certainly designate them the “different old days.”

For starters, we had a mere four guest rooms, but each had its own bathroom, which was not the case everywhere in Killington at the time. Potential guests either called (using a rotary phone!) or wrote us a letter requesting a reservation,  and their deposits came by check. Obviously people had no access to sophisticated weather forecasts outside their own immediate areas, so they tended to book quite far in advance. Very early on we did begin accepting credit cards, and as customers starting using them for their room deposits we had to call in each individual charge (yep, using a rotary phone!) to speak to a customer service rep for authorization. Guests came upstairs into our home for breakfast. Our kids, who were 10 and 3 years old at the time, learned very early on the art of polite, respectful conversation with all kinds of people, a skill which has served them well. The skis stored in our ski room were just about double the length of the current equipment, and no one had ever heard of a snowboard.

But apres ski was as renowned in Killington then as now, and both the Wobbly Barn and the Pickle Barrel were well established watering holes. People came for much the same reason then as now-to enjoy the exhilarating outdoors and beauty of Vermont and the thrill of a downhill run, followed by good times with friends in the evening. Some things never change………