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Confessions of an Innkeeper

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I have a confession to make.

Every year, right about mid-August, I start to have misgivings about the Vermont  summer, with its lush green fields and trees, flowers in full glory, outdoor concerts, hikes on the mountain, and so much more, slowly giving way to the stark realities of winter. At that point in time, I don’t really relish the idea of cold weather and heavy coats.

Then it is actually upon us, and we have a day like last Saturday-12+ inches of fresh, powdery snow blanketing earth and trees, blue skies, sunshine and the invigorating effects of crisp, cold air, and I remember the joys of this season, especially as I sit by the glow of a warm fire.

There is indeed something special about every season in Vermont, each offering up its own brand of specialness. Now that the holiday frenzy (and all of its own joys as well as hectic activity) is behind us, our Snowed Inn team can ease into a much more manageable routine, which will allow us all to also sneak in some winter enjoyment. This coming week Manfred and I are looking forward to attending the official ribbon cutting of the newly completed Peak Lodge at Killington. We have witnessed many exciting Killington accomplishments over the years, and this particular achievement is definitely a true headliner for the resort and our community. And then I plan to join Manfred out on the slopes!