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As the World Turns

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The first red leaves start to make their presence known. After several glorious months of the greenest green you can possibly imagine, be it the leaves, the fields, even the ski trails, the first signs of fall come in shades of red. My favorite autumn hues are actually the beautiful mixes of Vermont green punctuated by shocks of bright red.

Our apple and plum trees here at the inn begin to bend with the weight of their fruity bounty. One large limb of our plum tree actually bends to the ground, and has Manfred contemplating how to remedy the large crack and get it hoisted back up to its normal height.

Yesterday was the last “Cooler in the Mountains” free Saturday afternoon concert at the base of Killington , and it was a great one. Donovan Frankenreiter, or Donovan “Whatshisname” as my daughter posted on Facebook, really put on a great show, and the weather could not have cooperated more and the mountain views could not have been more breathtaking. Hundreds of people brought their lawn chairs, coolers and very often their pooches to revel in the joy of a late Vermont summer afternoon. Maple was there too (our delightful Golden Retriever “grandpuppy”) and she was quite a hit, as “Golden” puppies tend to be. dog concert

The town of Killington is gearing up for the annual Killington Hay Fest, and innovative hay sculptures are springing up all over the place. Rosie Raccoon and her babies are currently in the making here at the inn, and there is something very reassuring about their reappearance-like an old friend showing up on cue.

This past Friday Killington emailed us the package lift ticket and rental equipment rates for the coming winter-now that makes the arrival of fall and then of course winter undeniable!

Which brings me to my last sign of the season change, reservations for the winter ski season are coming in, and that is always very welcome, for it signals the start of another terrific Killington cycle and the arrival of so many old friends, repeat guests and soon to be friends and repeat guests. And the world keeps on turning…….