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Are You Spring Skiing This Year?

Categories: Discover Killington

Last week reminded me of our first March in Killington, so many years ago. We had an overnight snowstorm, and in the morning when we looked out the window all you could see of the cars in our parking lot were the tips of their antennas poking out of the snow. Yes, that was back before car antennas were embedded into the windshields. Actually I remember snapping one of those babies off in a car wash once, but I digress. The snowfall this week was truly awesome, and the thrill of a significant snow dump still excites and exhilarates (alright, I’m not the one shoveling, I admit, but still we all get pretty psyched). Skiing has been phenomenal, and the winter season is truly far from over. What could be better than great snow, blue skies and sunshine? Summer will come, and it will be beautiful here in Vermont and we will love it, but shouldn’t we all revel in the gift of a fabulous late season ski interlude while we can?