Snowed Inn Newsletter

Coming Home...
Whoever it was who said something about “you can’t go home…..” definitely was not a Vermonter. Although I am not a native Vermonter, I know that after living here for nearly 30 years it really soothes my soul when I return home after a trip out of state. And don’t even get me started on my kids! They grew up here and truly have Vermont in their DNA. Our daughter, Kerstin, went to college in New York City and graduate school in Boston, and although she has continued to live out of state with her Scottish husband, Stephane, they come back to Vermont often for the well- deserved respite that our beautiful environment offers. Last week was a particular treat. Kerstin came for a visit with the newest addition to the family, Golden Retriever puppy “Maple.” (You see what I mean about Vermont being imprinted in their genetics?)    { more }