Snowed Inn Newsletter

30 Years Later, The Kids Are All Grown Up
When I contemplate the implications of 30 years of Snowed Inn ownership, my thoughts immediately turn to our children, Tom and Kerstin, for they are the true markers that so much time has passed. They were so young when we started our adventure, and are now, of course, well into adulthood with spouses and families of their own. The Snowed Inn had a profound effect on their formative years, and I think they are better human beings as a result. But I should let them speak for themselves in an interview conducted a couple of years ago: { more }

It's Been How Many Years
When I turned thirty I remember feeling such wonderment that I had actually been alive for that many years and that it had all seemed to go by so quickly. Little did I know at the time that the roller coaster ride was just beginning, and that the speed of the journey would only accelerate... { more }