Snowed Inn Newsletter

Late Summer Nostalgia
I love to walk. Yes, tennis, skiing and biking are high on my list, but walking not only gets me from point A to point B, it nurtures my soul on the way. Today I took one of my favorite routes through the wetlands on River Road here in Killington. I was determined to leave as many thoughts as possible of the mundane behind. Mindfulness paid off, as I truly fed my senses with the sights, sounds and smells of late summer. What a cornucopia of flowers and plants to behold-Queen Anne’s Lace, cornflowers, purple clover blossoms, reeds with their magenta plumes and swaying cattails amidst so many others.   { more }

Snowed Inn Driving Tour - Points East Woodstock/Quechee
We love to create "tours" for you to explore while you're staying with us at the inn. Our inn is the perfect anchor for your day excursions, and we really are at the heart of it all! Here's Tour #1, which will take you through scenic areas of Woodstock, Quechee and Plymouth.   { more }

Why We Love Where We Live
In the first week of our return to Killington following our spring vacation I realized a few of the activities we have already enjoyed offer a perfect microcosm of the wide variety of things to do in the summer here in our wonderful region and state. I am an ardent tennis player, and I was thrilled not only to get back to my beloved group of tennis buddies, but also to be able to play in the glorious outdoors again with sun, warmth, blue skies and gentle breezes, a dream come true.   { more }

Another Part of Summer in the Green Mountains
After a great ski season Manfred and I were fortunate enough to partake in our own opportunity to refuel and refresh for a few weeks, and I am always reminded how beneficial such breaks can be. Now we are back and in the swing once again, and the emphasis shifts from the awesome winter outdoor activities that Vermont offers to the very special summer outdoor fun, like hiking, kayaking, mountain and road biking, swimming, etc.  { more }

Tour Guide... Part Two
Okay, so I admit it: it takes visitors to get me to act like a tourist in my own backyard. First it was my college reunion friends. Then last week came the big challenge-our 5 year old grandson Calvin’s first “no parents along” visit with Nini and Pop.   { more }

Reunion Sightseeing - Becoming a Tour Guide
This past weekend I took on a new persona: tourist in Killington and the surrounding region. A group of my college girlfriends and their husbands came to the inn for a reunion, and what a wonderful time we had! In order to showcase the area and maximize the fun, I packed the four days with activities and events.   { more }

Wild Kingdom
Innkeeping is quite a gratifying occupation, yet also often all-consuming, and the concept of “getting away” is just as important to us as it is to those who make their getaway to the Snowed Inn.   { more }