Snowed Inn Newsletter

Dogs Days are Ahead; Come See What's New at the Inn
Is it really true that August is about to make its debut?   { more }

Living at a Ski Resort Doesn't Guarantee Being an Expert Skier
(Unfortunate) fact: Being married for many years to an Austrian ski racer, as well as living in the largest ski resort in the East for the past 30 years does not automatically transform a person into an expert skier.   { more }

Are You Spring Skiing This Year?
Last week reminded me of our first March in Killington, so many years ago. We had an overnight snowstorm, and in the morning when we looked out the window all you could see of the cars in our parking lot were the tips of their antennas poking out of the snow. Y  { more }

Happy Holidays to All!
The calendar shows winter officially starting tomorrow. For us winter officially began weeks ago when Manfred put up the inn’s white lights. And his hard work paid off, as we were the winners of the Killington Festival of Lights! Check out our front page coverage in The Mountain Times. For even more holiday season fun, we created a cheerfully decorated tree, entitled “Lemon Meringue”, for the Killington Holiday Festival.   { more }

Keeping Up with The Calendar and the Seasons
Okay, time is really slipping away now. The headline in today’s local paper states “Snow mixes with mountain foliage.” And I have been intending (and procrastinating) to put my thoughts to paper regarding fall “extremes” in Killington and the surrounding region. Time to do it!  { more }